iClub members participate in structured and engaging activities which facilitate interaction with others.

  • Eye Contact

  • Conversation Skills

  • Perspective Taking

  • Taking Turns

At iClub, members are consistently working to improve self-esteem, improve social skills understanding and abilities, and have fun!

Program Details

Real World Connections

Real World Connections is a unique program for young adults, (14-21), who need a little extra help in figuring out the new social world and unspoken rules that come with being a teenager … with a group of like-minded individuals along-side, resulting in peer-to-peer learning and a whole lot of fun!

This group meets weekly in single-sex groups, but also have planned co-ed social activities each month.

Program Details


An adult social club (ages 18+) for those with social skills challenges who are looking to improve their social skills and meet new people. Members partake in multiple social activities each month, which include an activity in the community, movie night, dinner and social discussion at the iCan House, activity planning sessions…and much more!

Program Details