Meet-n-Eat is a social group designed to meet the needs of persons over 18 that have few social opportunities and
want to learn more about the social world. The group offers like minded persons, many with developmental differences, the opportunity to meet one another and make new friends.

Each individual benefits from attending Meet-N-Eat in their own unique way. iCan House provides a safe, welcoming
atmosphere in which adults acquire a heightened sense of self-esteem, which in turn, improves confidence in social
settings. Additionally, members form friendships and acquire a sense of belonging and acceptance.   iCan House also encourages Meet-n-Eat participants to socialize with each other outside of scheduled Meet-n-Eat gatherings.

Meet-n-Eat generally takes place in the after-work hours on weeknights or on weekends. The schedule changes
monthly and is communicated to members via email at the outset of each month.

In order to join Meet-n-Eat, each individual must complete the admissions process. Once accepted into the program, each member is responsible for their own monthly membership fees. Monthly members gain access to all Meet-N-Eat events each month.

Meet-n-Eat Activities

Meet-n-Eat is comprised of many different types of activities. The group typically meets three times a month.

This night starts off with a group discussion about a agreed upon social topic. Members share their thoughts and their personal perspective on a variety of topics.  The discussion is followed by dinner around a communal table where individual personalities shine. After dinner, the group may gather for a game or simply engage in conversation in which each person can participate in a way that they enjoy.

The group meets at least once each month outside of the iCan House for a social activity in the community. Locations vary, but the goal is always to give participants an opportunity to improve social skills in the real world while surrounded by friends and mentors. The group will generally eat out somewhere, then take part together in an activity at places such as a water park, movie theater, arcade, bowling alley, basketball games, the fair, and much, much more!

A casual night at the iCan House in which each members is invited to bring a movie, (if they would like to), and the group votes on one film to watch that evening. iCan provides popcorn and drinks while Meet-n-Eaters enjoy the show together.

Each month, Meet-n-Eaters participate in an additional event that changes month to month.  Examples include art night, game night, karaoke, and more!

An opportunity for the Meet-n-Eat members to inform the iCan House staff of the events and opportunities that they would like to experience in the upcoming months. All ideas and opinions are welcomed!

At special times during the year, the iCan House staff plans an overnight trip for the Meet-n-Eat group. The trip is optional and an additional fee for each participant applies.


Get in touch with iCan House today to begin our admissions process. Below, you will find links to our application and membership documents.

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