Meet-n-Eat is an adult social club for those 18+ looking to improve their social skills and meet new people. Members partake in multiple social activities each month including: hang-out night; game night; movie night; night out on the town; planning committee and more. Five events per month. Events are offered both virtually and in-person.

By participating and attending the social events, members gain confidence in social settings which increases self-esteem and well-being. Friendships are formed along with a sense of belonging and acceptance.   iCan House encourages Meet-n-Eat members to socialize with each other outside of scheduled Meet-n-Eat events.

Meet-n-Eat events are in the early evening hours during the week. The schedule changes
monthly and members receive a weekly email with details and registration information for each event.

In order to join Meet-n-Eat, contact our Admissions Specialist to begin the admissions process. Once accepted into the program, each member is responsible for monthly membership fees. Monthly membership allows the person to participate and attend all Meet-N-Eat events each month.

Meet-n-Eat Activities

This night starts off with a group discussion about a agreed upon social topic. Members share their thoughts and their personal perspective on a variety of topics.  Members enjoy pizza followed by games and conversations, allowing each person to participate in a way that they are comfortable with.

The group meets at least once a month for a social activity in the community. Locations vary, but the goal is always to give participants an opportunity to improve social skills in the real world while surrounded by friends and mentors. Events include bowling, miniature golf, arcade, trampoline park, and much more. Physical distancing and masks are required except when eating.

A casual night to enjoy watching a movie together. Currently movie night is offered virtually. Movie titles are selected at the Planning Committee.

Get-to-Know-You night is a way for members to learn more about each other. Each month a topic is selected and each member shares something about themselves, their interests, and/or experiences. Currently Get-to-Know-You is offered virtually.

Once a month Meet-n-Eat members gather to discuss and plan the next month’s events and topics. iCan House staff facilitate the discussion and guide members through considerations for each event and location as well as offering opportunities to try something new. Planning Committee currently meets virtually.


Get in touch with iCan House today to begin our admissions process. Below, you will find links to our application and membership documents.