Real World Connections

Real World Connections is a unique program for adolescents who need extra help in figuring out the social world and unspoken rules that come with being a teenager. Members meet in small groups with like-minded individuals who are ‘similarly different’ like them. This leads to opportunities for not only learning from positive adult role models, but rich peer-to-peer learning and a whole lot of fun!

The unique evidence-based curriculum was developed and created by the iCan House specifically for the neurodiverse population and targets nine core concepts:

  • Understanding Relationships
  • Real World Life Skills
  • Perspective Taking
  • Emotional Understanding & Empathy
  • Communication Skills
  • Social Recreation
  • Flexibility
  • Executive Functioning Skills
  • Forming & Maintaining a Positive Outlook

Each week the Real World Connections groups meet with a trained iCan House facilitator to talk about issues that are happening in their own lives, in addition to working proactively to learn new strategies for challenging real life scenarios.

 In addition to the GUYS and GALS weekly meetings, members can attend co-ed social activities for fun while practicing the skills they’re learning in group. 

Weekly meetings are offered both virtually and in-person, during which facilitators incorporate input in a hybrid format. For all in-person gatherings, physical distancing and masks are required excpt while eating.

About Real World Connections

Real World Connections is comprised of like-minded teens who meet together while learning to understand the complex social world.

Members often have anxiety and social challenges, and many are neurodiverse. Some may have a diagnosis of ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, Asperger’s, learning disabilities. However, a diagnosis is not required to attend and participate.

Guys and gals gather weekly with trained staff members and volunteers to discuss life challenges. Together in their small group, they learn and practice social and communication skills, learning from each other as well as from the evidence-based iCan House social skills curriculum. As trusted adults who are NOT their parents, facilitators are positive role models with whom to talk about tough issues. There is also opportunities for social activities that generally occur in the evening hours or on the weekends. Each month, the Real World Connections social events are open to both boys and girls that are a part of the program and generally include:

In addition to weekly club meetings, members can attend co-ed social activities for opportunities to enjoy age-appropriate social fun and practice the skills they are learning in group discussions! Social events are offered two times each month and usually include one event in the community.

The social events change monthly so be sure to check the calendar for an up to date schedule.

Growing up is confusing! So we created the Real World Connections program to provide a safe setting for camaraderie, support, and positive guidance. Real World Connections is comprised of like-minded teens who meet together while learning to understand the complex social world.

Real World Connections is designed to teach and foster social, communication, and coping skills that will help them navigate the real world now and as adults. Each week parents receive a email debrief with an overview of the topics and discussions. At iCan House, we support the parents as they maneuver the world of parenting young adults, which differs from parenting children.

As teenagers become adults, they are faced with entering the world with little structure and support typically available during school years. Our Independence in the Real World program, for after Real World Connections, is a curriculum-based club to learn life skills to become less dependent on parents, guardians, and others while also making friends and learning social skills. 


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