Our Mission

Rooted in positive thinking, iCan House seeks to enhance the lives of neurodivergent individuals by teaching social skills, providing educational opportunities, maintaining a hub for local resources, and providing a support network for those in need.

iCan House provides an optimistic, transformational experience for children, teens, and adults, helping a misunderstood population learn how the world works and how they can succeed in it.

In 2008 iCan House started with 6 children and since then over 1400 children, teens and adults have participated in our programs from 10 counties in North Carolina and Virginia.

Our Staff

Our staff is what makes our work possible. A dynamic team of three full-time and five part-time employees plus dedicated volunteers facilitates six groups and 3-4 social events every week.

Our Board

iCan house is proud to have one of the finest board of directors in Winston-Salem. With a great blend of unique skills and accomplishments combined with passion and dedication to our mission, this exceptional group of individuals is vital to the success of iCan house.